What happened: A survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan and the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research between October 15 and December 18, 2021, revealed that only 35% of Pakistani know that their data can be misused. TheNews quoted the development as, “The number of Pakistanis ignorant about the use of personal data is twice the global average.” 

Details: Subsequently, the survey conducted on nearly 1000 Pakistanis stated that “Against 51% of Pakistanis, who are unaware of the use of their personal information, only 24% of citizens in 39 countries expressed ignorance about the use of their personal data.” 

Also: More facts were narrated by the survey as out of 39 countries, only 9% of Pakistani reported that their data was misused as “most Pakistanis complained about fake emails, spam emails from companies, bank accounts, credit cards and email hacking.” 


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