What happened: A project by the Netherlands-based electric vehicle startup Lightyear launched the world’s first solar production vehicle naming it Lightyear 0. The solar-powered vehicle would revolutionize the car scene in the world. CARTOQ.com quoted, “The company revealed that this revolutionary vehicle would exceed 1000 km of range between charges and the deliveries of the first few vehicles will commence as early as November of 2022.” 

Details: At the same time, the startup has also claimed that the solar-powered car is set to go into production this autumn after six years of Research & Development, the designs, engineering and prototyping, as well. Lightyear’s co-founder Lex Hoedsloot is quoted as, “Today is the day we have all been waiting for since us five co-founders sat in a kitchen sketching out our dream of building the most sustainable car on the planet.” 


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