What happened: The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Senior Vice President Sheikh Zohaib Rafique Sethi, in a press briefing, said, “The Sialkot made football Al Rihla would be used in the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be played in Qatar.” 

Details: Sheikh Zohaib Rafique further said that a Sialkot-based export firm Forward Sports, had produced the FIFA World Cup 2022 football named Al-Rihla for Adidas, “which would be played by officials in FIFA. Football World Cup-2022 as it was a great honor and pride for Sialkot and even for Pakistan.” However, it is pertinent to mention that it will be the third time the Sialkot-made football will be used on the world stage. 

More: Zohaib, in a statement, has further said, “The world was currently moving towards sustainability, and the material used in its manufacturing was a bio-based recycling material. No solvent chemicals were used in football making, but water-based chemicals were used which do not pollute the environment.” 


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