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What happened: The UK Health Security Agency has claimed that the “poliovirus was probably imported from some country.” At the same time, the UK Health Advisory has instructed the parents living in the UK “to ensure their children were fully immunized against the crippling disease.” 

Details: It is pertinent to mention that the development came after poliovirus in sewage samples was found in London which was the first time in the last four decades. The UK publications reported, “suspicion has fallen on Pakistan as being the source of poliovirus.” 

More: On the other hand, the Health Authorities in Islamabad have noted that “health authorities claim the vaccine-derived virus found in the UK exists in 22 countries and the type found locally was the wild poliovirus.” At the same time, the Polio Eradication Programme’s National Coordinator in Pakistan, Shahzad Baig, is quoted by Dawn, “It is way too early to say the virus had traveled from Pakistan, as UK authorities were yet to announce the results of genome sequencing.” 


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