What happened: It has been reported by a few publications that the PML-N-led coalition government has reportedly suspended two major subsidized loan programs that Imran Khan’s government previously introduced. The schemes initiated by PTI were for low-cost houses and youth entrepreneurship; as a publication quotes, “these schemes are being reviewed and revised by the government of Pakistan in light of recent macroeconomic developments.” 

Details: At the same time, it has been noted by the publications that the schemes have been discontinued since July 1, as a circular is being quoted by publications, “Accordingly, banks/DFIs/MFBs are advised to put further disbursements under MPMG on hold from July 01, 2022, till August 31, 2022.” 

More: The circular has further been quoted as, “However, in those cases where partial disbursements have already been made till June 30, 2022, banks/DFIs/MFBs may release remaining disbursement under MPMG.”


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