Opinion: In recent years, a trend has been seen mostly among the youth of Pakistan of recording sacrificial animals while they are being sacrificed. At the same time, a trend of unprofessional qasai for the sacrifice is seen, as everyone in today’s time is in the race for money. Hence, a bit of healthy advice at this point would be to have a thorough professional qasai who knows what he is doing. This Eid is not about flaunting which animal you have but this Eid is all about showing compassion love and affection towards the animal, in its true spirit. 

What you need to know: It is important to mention that this Eid is all about sacrifice and not slaughter. While the family and the qasai need to note that there are no other animals around when the sacrifice is being done, it only causes anxiety and nothing else. 

Importantly: Let’s vow to make Pakistan clean this Eid, and not throw animals’ waste outside your houses, but instead have it disposed of at the right place. Let’s also not forget to donate at least one-third of the meat from the animal to the poor, as the inflation is soaring in the country, and let’s have this Eid in its true spirit. 

What else: On this Eid, country is already going through an economic crisis, so why not donate what we have to the deserved and the underprivileged class of Pakistan? And let’s donate the meat to the deserved ones, instead of feasting amongselves. 


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