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What happened: Japan is now reportedly the only country in the world where one year in prison would now be imposed on individuals who are found guilty of cyberbullying. The development comes after the alleged suicide of Hana Kimura and as she accused men of bullying the Terrace House star. 

What are the punishments? As Engadget quotes, “Under the previous version of the country’s penal code, the punishment for posting online insults was a fine of 10,000 Yens or less and fewer than 30 days in prison. Now the law allows for financial penalties of up to 300,000 Yen or nearly 2200 dollars.” 

Assumptions: However, the locals in Japan state that there is a lack of clarity as to what insults and cyberbullying are. At the same time, it is said that there are still uncertainties regarding the law. 


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