What happened: In a major turnaround of events, the former information and broadcasting science & technology minister, Fawad Chaudhary, says, “When this case was brought before the cabinet, and I spoke up about it, the concerned officer left.” However, the previous government minister now claiming that the heroin case against the now interior minister Rana Sanaullah is false is indeed questionable, as Sheryar Afridi had previously stated, “Khuda ki kasm inkou nahi chorounga…” 

What you need to know: At the same time, Javed Chaudhary questioned who was the concerned officer in the cabinet; giving a vague answer to this, Fawad Ch said, “When I asked questions regarding the case, I knew the case was just rubbish.” 

Previously: It is pertinent to mention that the ANF arrested Rana Sanaullah. Under oath, Sheryar Afridi said that ANF claimed to have recovered 15 kilograms of heroin and drugs from Sanaullah’s possession. Whereas Fawad Ch talking about it now, said, “What he(Sheryar Afridi) did was wrong.” 


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