What happened: Pakistan is considered to be a male-dominant society where each of the things in the society is often dictated by the male members, indeed an unfortunate matter in this regard. Moltyfoam with their multiple previous campaigns such as women empowerment and other campaigns, yet again came up with Mashaadi’22, as Mahira Khan led the video and Moltyfoam shared stats, “More than 1 in 4 ever-married women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15.” 

What you need to know: Talking about the taboo topic in Pakistan, Moltyfoam has yet again done justice and perfectly highlighted domestic abuse in Pakistan. Another enchanting detail that was displayed in Mashaadi’22 was how Mahira Khan’s father supported her daughter in the decision, hence a note for the dads in Pakistan. 

More: A video that Sheryar Munawar directed indeed has a strong message hidden right along the lines, which needs to be heard by every Pakistani. A strong message of domestic abuse came to light when Mahira’s mother said, “Relationships mein toh Aisa houjata hai,” but then interrupted by Mahira as she said, “Leikin Aisa nahi hone chaiye.” 

Importantly: Behroze Sabzwari acting as the father of Mahira, gave goosebumps via his dialogue delivery as he said, “Loug baatein bhi bnaiyengy and kaheyngy bhi, kay himmat walay maa baap ki bahadur beti nay sab bachou kay liaye misaal Khari ki hai.” 

Not just this but: Right, when Mahira was heading to have a discussion with her husband, Mahira’s brother was stopped by Behroze Sabzwari saying, “Yay Maheen ki jang hai…” If that doesn’t give goosebumps, then let’s just wait for Mahira to define her boundaries by saying; NO! to any violence. 

More of Behroze: Acting as the father, Behroze hugged her daughter Mahira and said, “Well, left meri Jaan,” shedding a few tears, Mahira hugged him as the message of courage was highlighted in a perfect manner. 

Domestic abuse: The Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association’s latest report quotes, “According to an estimate, approximately 70 to 90% of Pakistani women are subjected to domestic violence. Various forms of domestic violence in the country include physical, mental and emotional abuse.” 

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it: While answering a question regarding, “Is domestic violence allowed in Pakistan?” Wikipedia quotes, “The majority of victims of violence have no legal recourse. Law enforcement authorities do not view domestic violence as a crime and usually refuse to register any cases brought to them…” 


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