The recent Mashion x Moltyfoam, ‘Mashadi’ video on abusive relationships sparked a much needed conversation on the dilemma. From putting up with the harsh behaviour to having a family telling you ‘log kia kahenge,’ Mashadi perfectly captures what a woman has to face amid this crisis.

The enlightening video captivated our attention as well and that’s why Team Propergaanda decided to do a reaction video on it. We showed the clip to our reporters and here’s what they thought about it.

PG’s news intern, Unzeela Manzoor shared her thoughts and thought the video did a pretty good job by portraying a sensitive issue with so much empathy, “I thought it would be triggering but the simple moments made it more impactful.” On the other hand, News Desk reporter, Rana Abdullah Hammad shed light on how domestic violence also taints a kid’s childhood, “Watching this ad brought up some memories for me.”

PG Bazar writer, Sarah Nauman implies that Mashadi more like a social media campaign which had the guts to talk about domestic violence which is not talked about a lot. She also thinks that the moment Mahirah Khan raises her hand and says ‘no’ was the most powerful scene, “It shows that this one single word says a lot.” PG’s social media manager, Ahmed Idrees says that domestic violence is unfortunately very common in Pakistani society, “You might 1-2 cases being discussed publicly but there are so many cases that go unreported. People don’t prefer to talk about it. “

PG’s outreach manager, Zoha Aftab says Mashadi also taught us how to deal with the infamous ‘log kia kahenge’ narrative, “A woman needs a supportive father to show to empower her.”

Team PG concluded that Mashadi is a commendable campaign which left them smiling at the end because of the positive and loving reaction of the family who supported their daughter’s decision.


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