Recently, Maulana Tariq Jameel has come under controversy, and it irks a controversy in my opinion, as politics and religion should be kept apart, but then examples of MTJ and Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan highlight how religion card is played in Pakistani politics to strengthen the narrative of “Riyasat-e-Madinah.” However, it is pertinent to mention that Khan’s politics has lingered on the use of religion in politics, and to put it forward without hiding the truth, as Javeria Zafar said, “Khan Kou Riyasat-e-Madina likhna bhi nahi ata houga…” 

However, MTJ also had, in an interview, said, “Hum Tableeghi jamaat walay hain, aur humara siyasat sey koi taluq nahi,” the Muslim cleric said in reply to a question regarding enforced disappearances. 

Moving on, Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s seized the capital and Faizabad, and guess what this time around it was said that Fauj, AKA the Boys were behind calling the shots allowing TLP to hold the capital at gunpoint; this reminds me of when in 2013, Malik Muhammad Sikander alongside family held Blue Area as a hostage with an AK-47. 

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh perfectly defined the politics of beard in his tweet, writing, “APS happened. Maulana Tariq Jameel refused to condemn the terrorists… Missing persons? Shia Genocide?

Silence.” Further, he highlights, right when the ‘handsome’ lost coalition, MTJ was all hues and cries, but then my mind boggles and it questions, “Kia Maulana nay yay nahi Kaha tha kay Tablighi jamaat ka siyasat sey taluq nahi?” 

Seeing Prada and Gucci handbags of Bushra Bibi’s close aide Farah Gogi must have helped MTJ to establish a bond with the ‘land grabber mafia,’ because guess what? Maulana had been accused of land grabbing in his area.

This article is not to assassinate anyone’s character but just highlights how the nation has idolized people who are just inciting violence and spewing hatred. This reminded me when Mubasher Lucman said, “Pakistan kay and sbsey bara masla shakhsiyat parasti ka hai, tabah krrhi hai qoum kou yay.” 

MTJ & TLP: Keeping in view that this may refrain from the general school of thought, but guess what? It is the duty of a responsible journalist to narrate facts as it is, and it is pertinent to mention that MTJ had said, “Mera siyasat say koi taluq nahi, aur tableegh waloun ka siyasat say koi taluq nahi hota.” However, later, MTJ refuted his earlier statement and said he supported Khan for his narrative of Riyasat-e-Madinah, nothing else. 

The TLP’s founder was widely criticised for using the religion card in politics, and it was alleged that TLP was backed by establishment funding, but then Saad Rizvi, in a recent statement, refuted such claims and said, “Rasool ki muhabbat main yay niklty hai sab.” MTJ further said, “Khan sey meri muhabbat hai.” 

Later, MTJ on national television aired a Dua, which also irked a controversy, but then in recent days, Murtaza Ali Shah tweeted alleged leaked audio of MTJ, threatening another worker after Shawani met Hamza Shehbaz. 

The same Dua in which Khan sat right beside Maulana and MTJ said, “Jhoot aur wrongdoings of women and immodest actions have brought Allah’s wrath upon the country,” passing a smile to MTJ on this remark, Khan acknowledged what the Muslim cleric said, yet again acknowledging how his misogynistic school of thought has subsequently prevailed in his supporters. 

Here are some more details: In his latest clip of the interview with Ameer Abbas, a news reporter for Bol News, MTJ compared Yazid’s refusal to succeed his father and Karbala tragedy with the Pakistani politicians. Quite literally, this boggles my mind; in what manner or shape does the Karbala tragedy relate to the current Pakistani situation? Karbala is unmatchable; this is another statement irking or, to put it better, inciting violence. 

Who is responsible for Covid-19 in Pakistan? Not long ago, Maulana also made headlines for his remarks relating to Covid-19 after its widespread in Pakistan. MTJ, during a dua, said, “Immodest women are responsible for Covid’s outbreak in Pakistan,” however, later, Maulana refuted his statement and said it was taken out of context. 

But why Darhi in politics? To put it in plain words, the use of religion in Pakistani politics is often noted to be an easy manner to garner votes. And largely, the Pakistani voter base is easy to target by the use of words like “Riyasat-e-Madinah” “Islam” “Islam khatrey mein” because, at the end of the day, a vast majority of people living in Pakistan follow the religion of Islam. These are the things which former PTI worker Javeria Zafar had to say about the party leader…

But then one last question would MTJ be used by the establishment just like Khadim Hussain Rizvi was used, or is Maulana just another one from Khan’s ‘cult’ followers?


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