Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) took out a thousand men strong rally from Liaquat Bagh to Faizabad Interchange for Independence Day. They are calling this one “Nazriya-I-Pakistan” rally and was headed by the son of Late Khadim Hussain Rizvi, Saad Hussain Rizvi. This time around it was Faizabaad because, possibly vexed, TLP members had already showed their indignant to Sanaullah, when federal govt refused to give permission to hold gathering at Parade GroundI, but allowed Khan to do so. It also consisted of TLP activists just aquitted of terrorism charges. Possibly missing the TLP activist who murdered an innocent man of Ahmediya faith upon refusal to chant for Saad Rizvi and TLP.

This is not surprising though, TLP has been growing stronger and stronger over years with government and the Army failing every time. Most of the blame though also lies on the politicians and powers that be. Last time when TLP led by then Chief of the Party late Khadim Rizvi, announced open call to assisnate Chief of Army Staff Qamar Bajwa and then Prime Minsiter Imran Khan. Imagine any politician remotely saying something like that against the Army Chief? You can’t, as it’s never happened and when it does black vigo is there faster than it takes surf excel to clean your daag. What happened here though, just a few days after TLP had signed a deal with the government and also stated as always how amazing the Chief is. However, during the speech, the TLP supremo played around the Kashmir card to get the crowd charged up.

The current march is symbolic, it is the same place where they unconstitutionally brought the capital to a stand still just to be let go Scott free with 1000 rs bonuses to some sponsored by Papa John Ofcourse. The current cord of Saad’s word hint yet again at another sponsorship. This though can be a mighty effective and dangerous one for the country. It also holds significance as on August 13, former prime minister Khan, held a gathering Lahore, but TLP’s huge gathering outnumbered Khan’s in the provincial capital.

In his address the defence of Pakistan was in the hands of very brave armed forces and no one would be allowed to divide the country.

“We are standing with the armed forces and will defend every inch of Pakistan,” he added.

Saad Rizvi also seems to be getting smarter with his messaging. Janat is not the only cause now. Commenting over the issue of India-held Kashmir, He said Kashmir was the jugular vein of Pakistan and the United Nations and India should accept Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. Though I can bet Allama sahab has never gone over a single un declaration.

He also said the monsoon rains played havoc in many parts of the country while the rulers and politicians were busy sending their opponents to jails instead of rescuing the flood victims. That’s a fair point though.

The government, opposition, the boys all have used extremist religious Sunni branches for there own agenda. PML N has famously used them as part of their militant wing in the 90’s and 2000’s. PTI has extensively used it to gain religious support in the recent years with Imran Khan even attending one of their jalsa’s where open anti – minority rhetoric were chanted right infront of then PM to be smiling. Nobody knows the game boys are playing,but if it is one of showing that the man in high castle still holds all
The cards, then it can backfire pretty badly. Not just that but during previous elections posters were witnessed on streets with pictures of Khan & TLP leaders together.

In a country already suffering from a massive economic collapse, an aimless opposition and government, hightened amount of religious polarity, TLP boys (which by the way are a legitimate political party now) with a tactical support from the boys might become a massively effective and dangerous power. They might become bigger then a weekend neusance and then we’re really doomed.

Some blame probably lies on us aswell, we as a society needs to be more critical of itself and go beyond the politics of patwaris and youthiyas (literally helping no one bro). Maybe it’s not gulami we need independence from, it’s our ignorance.


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