What happened: It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan has recorded one of the highest temperatures over the years, as June & July were recorded to be the hottest months in the country. These soaring temperatures have affected many, but slurpy cups and reusable stainless steel ice cubes have become a town buzz.

What’s the hype all about? Scorching Pakistan heat? Well, no problem, because the solar-powered cap has you hooked, and you just need to go under direct sunlight, and then guess what the fan will be turned on. More importantly, “the greater the heat, the faster will be the speed of the fan.” Also, they have advised that once under direct sunlight, tap the fan to allow it to start, but then urged, “not wear the solar-powered cap in the rain.

The Heat Aid Kit also has ice cubes: In modern-day Pakistan, where frozen ice cubes are a hassle because of continuous load shedding, Sprite has a solution that might last for years.

How to use them: Place the stainless steel ice cubes in the freezer for four hours, and then guess what, it is ready to use; notably, you can enjoy your favorite drink with an undiluted and chilled vibe, unlike the regular ice cubes.

Are the ice cubes reusable? The answer to this is Yes! “You may also use soap to clean the ice cubes, rinse thoroughly as residue may remain and taint the flavor; of your beverage.”

Gola danda ya Slush? Definitely, to beat the scorching heat, Pakistanis love a gola danda but won’t shy away from a slurpy with their favorite drink, most likely Sprite. You just have to place the slurpy cup that you might just get as a surprise after ordering Sprite from PandaMart or Daraz.pk in the freezer for 8-10 hours, then just pour in your favorite beverage, squeeze and within ten minutes, your favorite slurry will be right in front of your eyes!


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