What happened: The platforms banned a name that had been doing rounds on social media for his misogynistic remarks last month. Recently, the so-called influencer was banned from YouTube “for infringing video-sharing platform’s hate speech policies.” 

What you need to know: The former kickboxer and Big Brother star had become an internet sensation within days, especially for his misogynistic remarks, which were condemnable. A few of his remarks were noted: “To fight women, you need to grip her up by the neck.” Not just this, but Andrew Tate had also made derogatory remarks regarding married women, terming them as “property that their husbands own.” 

Importantly: His remarks had also irked a controversy, as, during one of the podcasts, Tate said, “Women should only stay at home, have kids, make coffee, and remain quiet.” Subsequently, Andrew Tate also claimed that “I relocated to Romania to dodge criminal consequences for perpetrating sexual violence.” On the other hand, netizens had called upon authorities to make an example of the individual. 

However, it is pertinent to mention that men like Andrew Tate are not an example to follow or make ideal, but his shot to fame has definitely left a question mark on the performance of Facebook/Instagram/YouTube as to what measures are being taken by the authorities curb these kinds of remarks. 

Another of Tate’s remarks that made headlines and are highly condemnable were, “Men are allowed to cheat, but women should not!” In my opinion, Tate’s shot to fame was an interview with another YouTuber, Adin Ross; the 3-hour-long interview had amassed more than 3 million views. 

At the same time, another triggering factor was that many renowned YouTubers were inviting him over for podcasts, causing a stir in the digital world with his misogynistic remarks. 


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