What happened:

Pattan performed an assessment survey of 38 disaster-affected communities in 14 districts across three provinces from September 11 to September 15. According to the poll, the majority of locals were not satisfied with any of the governmental institutions. Al-Khidmat Foundation was lauded in three locations, while Rescue 1122 and the army were praised in a few others.


The vast majority of flood victims seemed unhappy with the functioning of official institutions and ruling parties. Some impacted people questioned that despite having resources, why it took state institutions “years” to reach the afflicted people. As many as 23 municipalities did not provide any institution’s name because no institution played any role in their communities.


Nearly 1,000 cows, 1,200 buffaloes, and over 3,000 goats and sheep were lost in the impacted areas. In total, 5,795 pukka and 7,195 kutcha settlements were entirely destroyed, with approximately 7,000 others partially destroyed.


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