From back-to-back hit songs to feature in Ms. Marvel, this duo is unstoppable

The perfect-duo Hasan and Roshaan are making highlights after their Ms. Marvel feature and new album “Day ۵” being highly appreciated by the music lovers. 

In an exclusive interview, we asked them about their music journey, experience getting featured in the famous and their own favourite series, Ms Marvel and their future endeavours. 


1. What was your goal and motive behind entering the music industry?

Hassan and I started music at a time when the music scene was pretty much dead in Pakistan, and the only thing keeping it afloat were famous old names of the industry who were from an entirely different era. We intended to change that. We want to become the musicians we wish we could look up to growing up.

2. How has it been for you both to stay in the industry amid tough competition and how do you manage to keep yourself motivated?

It is very very important to us that we stay connected with why we started doing music in the first place, which was to create such an impact and see the music scene thriving in Pakistan at such a level that has never been seen before. I don’t know if our “competitors” may see us as “competition” but for us they are our peers who will only help us elevate the music scene even further.

3. Huge congratulations for being featured in Ms Marvel. How has that experience been?


It was absolutely phenomenal. Not only do we really like the Ms. Marvel series, but this feature came at exactly the right time for us. Because of this we were able to properly fund our next album “Day 5” and also work with all the collaborators we could have ever hoped for.

4.  What are you future endeavours. Any plans you would like to share?

 After our 14-track album “Day 5”, we have some more exciting new singles already lined up which will be included in a “Deluxe” version for “Day 5”. After that, we are fully focused on looking for collaborations in India.


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