What you need to know: A report by Amir Wasim for Dawn noted that Many Fathers of FATF success, and with Pakistan coming out of the greylist, this June report reemerges. What comes in as pleasant news, but as it is said that success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan; on October 21, the news made headlines on social media, with PTI’s Hammad Azhar accounting for his hard work for the removal and on the other hand, Ishaq Dar claiming his. 

More: What has been noted as bad timing, Farhatullah Babar from PPP perfectly summed it up, “When Pakistan finally gets off the FATF grey list there will be many to claim the credit. The funniest of them all will be those who were largely responsible for the greylisting of the country.” 

With Pakistan’s international reputation at stake, who should take away the credit for Pakistan’s removal from FATF’s greylist?


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