What happened: Shuja Haider, a well-known singer and songwriter from Pakistan, has pledged to preserve his forefathers’ history by launching the unique singing talent search website Idol Online.

Details: In an interview with Tribune, the Baghi singer mentioned, “In 2020, I started a programme called Idol Online that was functional during the pandemic era, and everyone was home, so I thought, why not launch an online talent search? I served as one of the show’s judges with Ali Zafar, Umair Jaswal, and Ahmed Jahanzaib. Within a week, we received over 5,000 audition tapes. “

More: He further discussed that Pakistan had not produced a successor to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Abida Parveen because we do not have institutions and mentors to guide the young talent. Shuja Haider wants to create a platform-turned-institution that caters to artists specifically for this reason.

What you need to know: The entire season will be conducted online without brand sponsorship. However, a television broadcast can be feasible if he finds a suitable band. He informed that anyone from anywhere can apply, although the age range is 16 to 25. “The musicians will be legally obligated for one to two years. Our target release date is February, and auditions will close on November 10.”