What happened:

Murtaza Ali Shah, a GEO News reporter, took to his Twitter account on October 25 where he shared a video from Imran’s talk at the Oxford Union. During the Q/A session, an Oxford law student from Balochistan, Israr Khan, called out the former Prime Minister for ‘his hypocritical’ pattern, “You are supporting press freedom now but during your government you curbed it,” he added.


Naming Matiullah Jan, Salim Sahafi, Absar Alam, Nusrat Javed among journalists who suffered during his time as PM, Israr further accused Imran of ‘sticking to a populist agenda.’

What did IK say:

Answering his Israr’s thread of questions, Imran clarified that he had Matiuallah Jan released the next day of his abduction, “Absar Alam was shot due to a personal dispute, it had nothing to do with press freedom.”


Israr also asked him if Khan caused hindrance amid the no-confidence motion against him, “I only appealed for fresh elections which the constitution allows. My MNAs were being sold at some auction like sheep. I just wanted to give people the authority to choose for themselves.”