What happened: In the recent news, Andrew Tate has converted to Islam, and a particular niche of the population has welcomed him warmly.
Muhammad Saleh and a few notable names have posted on their Twitter handle appreciating Andrew turned Adnan. While he is gaining the popular vote again, let’s not forget him being banned from all social media platforms for his misogynistic and controversial remarks.

Should it be so easy to forgo a person who has explicitly disregarded women and their rights, enabling infidelity for “only” men and not women and being a public womaniser? Accepting Islam and following the principles of Islam are two poles apart. This should and is the responsibility of the young generation not to glorify and idolise controversial personalities simply for being the people’s pleasers.

Islam is a religion for everyone and equal for every individual. While it certainly is between him and God if he has transformed himself to be a follower of Islamic principles, being a Muslim and not letting go of his evil and extreme arrogance, which has caused harm to society, it does not make you a better person; before idolising and accepting those who are publicly labelled as womanisers and misogynists, it is better to be fact-checked and not blinding get on the bandwagon.