What happened:

On November 14, music composer Adnan Sami took to his Twitter account where he threatened to ‘expose the reality of the Pakistan establishment.’


Disclosing his reasons behind ‘contempt towards Pakistan,’ Sami wrote, “The hard truth is I have no contempt towards people of Pakistan who have always been good to me, I love everyone who loves me.” Turns out Sami has beef against the establishment as he accuses them of mistreating him, “What they did to me became one of the biggest reasons for me to leave Pakistan.”

Sami continued to say that he will expose the establishment when the right time comes. A Twitter user called him out saying, “Jo Pakistan ka ‘saka’ nahi hosaka woh India ka kia hoga.”

Calling Jinnah ‘a traitor’:

Sami’s reply to this was idiotic to say the least as he told the netizen to learn Urdu first, “Maana ke Urdu Indian zaban hai lekin agar bolni hai tou sahi bolo. Ab iska jawab pehle Jinnah se poochna chaiye jisne apne mulk India se ghaddari kerke Pakistan banaya.”