What happened:

On Dec 14, the Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi took to his Twitter account and wrote how his government is now fulfilling their promise of providing journalists with a separate colony of their own, “Providing a roof for journalists is my top priority. Plots were given to journalists in the previous period and still the promise of giving plots has been fulfilled. Plots will also be given to Press Club employees, disabled and sick journalists in the Journalist Colony, Phase Two.”

What the journalist community has to say about this:

Journalist Asad Ali Toor called this a ‘bribe to the journalist’ community as RUDA is under hot waters for enforcing farmers off their lands. Editor at GEO Fact Check Benazir Shah, who has been voicing this issue for a long time now, once again highlighted that farmers are being forced to sell their agricultural lands, “And those who are refusing to do so are being harassed and jailed. Hopefully journalists don’t accept this offer.”


Founder of Haqooq-e-Khalq Movement, Ammar Ali Jan shared the official document on his Twitter handle, “This is still a disputed project where farmers are resisting attempts to evict them. This is nothing but a bribe to shut down criticism of RUDA’s corruption.”