Pakistanis think that radio is a dying scope and everything is being diverted towards the digital medium, whereas radio can be the most fun experience ever. Speaking with Propergaanda on the occasion of completing her 16 years, Sophiya Anjam talks radio, hosting, and the challenges that come with it.

Is Radio a dying medium?

Sophiya says that after the advent of TV, people thought radio would die out, “Same with social media but you see, radio will always be there. Regardless of what the new flavour of the time is, radio will be a constant. There are many people without access to the internet, where only radio signals reach. People still listen to it in their cars & through apps. The way to listen to the radio should evolve as we go. It’s perhaps the only medium of communication which is dependable.”

Sophiya’s impeccable career as a radio host speaks for itself, “It paved the way for so many other opportunities for me because of which I ventured out into TV, corporate hosting, social work & entrepreneurship. Made the best contacts, friends, and fans. It’s safe to say it was one of the best decisions I took in my life! Whenever I go & whatever I do despite the many feathers in my hat, I will always be known as RJ Sophie.”

Does the job get overwhelming sometimes since you are always taking over new projects/campaigns?

People who belong to Sophiya’s industry tend to get overwhelmed by the amount of work it comes with, “For me, it gives me a high. I love multitasking & taking up responsibilities. Give me a challenge or a task and I will make sure I deliver. Norma is boring, crazy is good. Where’s the fun in keeping it stagnant? I need to recharge my batteries as I go but I always keep the spirit alive,” she added.

We asked Sophiya if the job gets draining sometimes since it always requires her to be at the top of her game, “Absolutely, the host runs the show and makes or breaks it. There have been countless times that my mood has been off or there has been some kind of an issue bothering me but over the years I trained myself to be emotionally intelligent & not mix my personal mental state with professionalism, though it hasn’t been easy.”

Women and radio:

As a woman, it has been a rocky road for Sophiya when it comes to sustaining your position of power, “You learn as you grow. I have come to the conclusion that you let your work speak for you & we don’t have to engage with everyone or please them. We need to pick our battles wisely.”

She believes that focus is of utmost importance, “It’s about how you carry yourself, keep yourself protected & away from frivolous activities that are not mandatory because respect is earned, not demanded.” The RJ says that people try to bring you down and make things difficult, but we should learn from it and not let them take away our power from us.

Where are we going wrong?

Sophiya thinks we are focusing too much on stories that have no significance and putting people on a pedestal who have not earned their position there, “The heroes and idols of people these days are those who have nothing substantial to showcase, only reactions or statements that will garner attention online. How will that make anyone evolve as a person or open up their horizons in life?”

She further expressed her opinion on how we tend to follow the herd and only highlight what is selling, just so it trends on social media, “The very essence of good storytelling, professionalism, research and hard work is missing. Original ideas are lacking as well. We don’t have to believe everything we see and hear. We need to use our own mind, keep it open, engage, interact with people & then build an opinion,” she added as she further stated how people in the radio industry need to determine their purpose and eventually find their calling, “We need to live, not just breathe.”