In a candid conversation with Propergaanda’s Fatima Ahmed, the famous pop-duo Hassan & Roshan and the producer, Nael Hafeez, took us down the road of the making of ‘Sukoon’s‘ music video.

Making of ‘Sukoon’:

The serene music video that put a spell on every person who saw it, ‘Sukoon’s’ visuals are super-pleasing to the eyes. Fatima asks them about the concept, and how the idea sprung in their heads, “When we heard the song, it just felt like it has something to do with the element of water,” says Roshaan, “And the beats somehow made me feel like I was sitting in a rocking boat.” That’s it. That’s where it all started and slowly the idea was a full-blown concept which includes 3 travellers in a boat who see their reflection in a goldfish swimming around the lake.

“The goldfish is a beautiful creature in a beautiful world but she is alone too,” continues Roshaan. Adding to this, Nael says that they got inspired even more when they went to Saad Studio and he had goldfish there, “The aquarium was designed the way our idea was, the fish was swimming around the mini boat he had placed inside.”

The song tell us that we are interactive beings, “Lekin aap aye bhi akele ho, ap jaoge bhi akele.” According to Nael, finding the accurate location was the hardest part.

The majestic location:

Speaking of location, Fatima asks how did the team find such a beautiful lake for shooting, “The lake is called Savaik Lake, and it wasn’t as beautiful as it looked in the video,” says Hassan on a lighter note. Roshaan, however, disagreed. Hassan added that reaching the location was a challenge, “There comes a point where you have to trek for 30 mins to reach that point.”

Explaining the trip in-detail, Roshaan says, “First you park your car, then sit in a jeep because of the bumpy road ahead, then after a 30 min-walk you find this beautiful, serene lake surrounded by trees all around.”

When ‘Sukoon’ became a hit:

‘Sukoon’ is Hassan & Roshan’s most popular song as of now, “So what was your reaction when you woke up and saw that it became a hit overnight? And what was your family’s reaction?” asks Fatima.

“We were not expecting it to become a hit so soon, but on the other hand, we were relieved that people are understanding what we tried depicting in the video,” says Roshaan. Adding to it, Nael stated how his mom was super proud of him, “She sent screenshots of articles in Whatsapp groups, telling everyone that I am the producer of this song.”

The team in the end credited Saad Yratta for the concept & his creativity which made the music video a hit, “The way he incorporated the colors, discovering the ideal location for the shoot, syncing all the natural elements, Saad executed it all,” Nael concluded.