Parenthood is hard, and there’s a reason why a parent is regarded so high in our society and religion. But after all, we are all humans- humans who are subject to making mistakes. But did we ever realise how one ‘minor’ mistake, dialogue, or action can affect a child’s life- the origin of a broken child belonging to an unsaid broken family, at loss of words whether to call it family or not.

Some marriages end well, and some part ways for good. The problem arises when couples forcefully stay together “for their child.” Does that allow them to alter things for betterment? Majority of the time, no. Many children grew up listening, ” I am only here because of you, warna mein tu kab ki chorr k chali jaati.” Regardless of how easy or difficult it is to confess your unlikeliness to stay in a relationship with your child’s father, every word impacts the young kid. Your child, who has always wished for a happy family, looked upon you both to see the first perfect couple of his life only to be bombarded with hateful comments and coldness for his very own parents. Normal enough?

Parents disregard how mentally immature children are in their young years. They absorb their parents’ energy, relationship dynamic and treatment towards others. The same child then grows up to be an abusive partner and a cold parent, whether we pray or not but that’s how the cycle works & it continues. But who is to put a halt to it?

Once parents start understanding that if they are really here in a relationship for their child, are they even helping and standing with their child in the tough times? Are they allying with their child to stand with them in their tough times? Someone needs to break the cycle; someone who loves and respects relationships will always heal to become a better person for themselves and others. Who will? The question remains.