What happened: Tensions erupted in Balochistan on Tuesday after the Levies force uncovered three dead – a mother and her two boys – in a well in Barkhan area, sparking a fierce protest from the local Marri tribesmen.

Details: The victims were retrieved from a well in the district’s Haji Kot region on Monday night, according to authorities.

What you need to know: According to Dawn News, Khan Muhammad, the husband of the dead woman, alleged that his wife and seven children were imprisoned in Khetran’s jail for failing to testify in a lawsuit dispute between Khetran and his son, Sardar Inam Khetran.

Further: He claimed that his family’s bodies were discovered in a remote place near Haji Kot after a video of his wife surfaced on social media. Khan Muhammad claimed that his family was murdered after brutal torture and accused the provincial Communication and Works Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran of murdering his family members.

More: Dawn confirmed that the woman in the video was Khan Muhammad’s wife, one of the three victims. The deceased is seen in the video clutching the Holy Quran and saying:
“I swear by God — this Quran is supreme — Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran has me captive in jail. He is sexually assaulting my daughter every day and has also imprisoned my sons. Someone get us freed.”

On the contrary: According to different media sources, Khetran refuted the claim and called the allegations “propaganda” intended to harm his political name. Khetran said that the murders were part of a plot against him. Numerous Balochistan MPs strongly criticised the unfortunate incident and demanded a transparent inquiry into the tragic incident.