In Pakistan, we’ve grown up eating all sorts of crazy delicious things. From overseasoned potato chips to sinfully concentrated candies. Our taste buds have always been used to a wide range of flavor profiles.

However, the one thing that we have spent most of our pocket money as well as Eidi on is Cream Roll. Cream rolls are the most OG of all the desserts, more like the king of all desserts. The golden brown, baked to perfection, crumbly puff pastry that has a slight bread-like consistency, filled with the most delicious, overly sweet whipped cream was literally the perfect dessert for us. Regardless of what time of day it was, Cream Roll was the solution to every problem as well as a quick mood enhancer.

Cream rolls have come a long way in Pakistan. Many newly established bakeries are playing around with the concept by giving it fancy names like profiteroles, stuffed donuts, filled pastries and etc. But for us, the quintessential dessert remains nostalgic in its own unique way.

No matter how advanced our pastry chefs get, some things continue to speak for themselves, their uniqueness, and their authenticity. This dessert is no exception. It is something that has been deeply entrenched in our childhood memories, difficult to suppress. There is always a rush of dopamine every time you pass through those OG bakeries like Shezan and Butt Sweets, still making the freshest of all cream puffs.