Donuts are the true form of love. They are comforting, whether have a plain glazed one or a full fledge filled one. It is pretty hard to mess up a classic donut. The soft, melt-in-your-mouth, creamy texture is the perfect breakfast or dessert experience.

So, we’ve found 5 local businesses in Lahore making the best yeast-raised donuts that are worth the extra hours spent in the gym.

  1. Joey’s Donuts

One of the most underrated donut shops in Lahore, Joey’s knows how to master the not-so-complicated concept of a classic donut. Their donuts are rich, creamy, and delicious whether you have a plain one or a filled one. It is one of those not-so-popular places that you need to visit ASAP.

Price: Starts from PKR 200

Location: DHA Phase 2 T block, G1 Johar Town

2. Big Fat Rolls

Inspired by Western trends, Big Fat Rolls is an online business that is making all sorts of crazy and delicious donuts/rolls in several flavors. From Biscoff to Smore’s, you name it, they’ll have it. Also, the servings are super generous which makes them worth the amount you’re gonna spend.

Price: Starting from PKR 270

Visit the Website to Order

3. Bon Ton Donuts

One of the fastest-growing chains in Pakistan, Bon Ton has been making premium quality donuts for as long as we can remember. Their donuts are rich, filling, and delicious. Best paired with their signature coffee.

Price: Starting from PKR 240

Location: Emporium Mall, Johar Town (Home delivery available)

4. Donuts Empire

Donuts Empire is an online business that specializes in customized desserts for any occasion. They can make scrumptious donuts in any flavor you want, that too with top-notch presentation.

5. OD

They specialize in kinds of delicious baked goods like cookies, brownies, Gelato donut sandwich as well as just donuts. Their donuts are melt-in-mouth, fried to perfection, and filled with dreamy fillings as well as glazes.

Price: Starting from PKR 250

Valencia Town Lahore (Delivery/Takeaway, Order Online)

No doubt, there are quite a lot of renowned donut chains in Lahore where you can get your favorite treats, but do give a try to one of these places for an experience as good if not better.