What happened to Pakistani dramas nowadays? There was a time when Pakistani dramas were famous for their realistic representation of our society. The beauty of Pakistani dramas was the use of a lesser amount of makeup on actors and actresses, which made them look more natural, and the normal public related to them more. Their pain, their emotions were more raw than now. Although there’s no problem with actors or actresses, the script and the way of portraying Pakistani society are becoming awful.

First of all, they are only sticking to the same kind of scripts, which are quite inappropriate. More and more dramas are focusing on a girl falling in love with her sister’s husband or trying to snatch someone’s husband. Although it is not all untrue, they are spreading a lot of toxicity and destroying these relationships. Almost every single channel shows the same storyline: love triangles, some rich boy forcing a girl to marry him, crushing on the sister’s husband. Honestly, you can’t even name only one drama based on the above topics; there are a lot of them. Sisterhood is such a beautiful relation, which is shown so toxic in every drama. I agree there are a lot of sisters who are toxic, but that’s not it. Show the good side too. Why is our industry not trying some other genre? Something fresh to start. College, school, friendship kind of dramas would be highly appreciated. For example, there was a web series “Mere Dost Mere Yaar.” It was quite refreshing to watch without any negativity or toxicity, etc. But still, our writers are sticking to the same storyline. Honestly, in my opinion, whenever I try to watch these dramas, they cause so much anxiety and negativity that I have to stop watching them.

Secondly, the makeup. Why are they using a lot of makeup in dramas? Showing someone’s death scene, they have put on makeup with properly blow-dried hair. Going to sleep? Full face with makeup. Praying? Makeup on, even they’ve put on nail polish. Showing a poor girl who can’t even afford a thing to eat but her makeup, hair, and nails are on point. This should be stopped. It was the beauty of Pakistani dramas to show the natural side of our actors and actresses. I feel like they are really pretty even with minimal or no makeup. Pakistani dramas are now becoming more and more like Indian ones and losing their charm. There was a reason why people were attracted to Pak dramas. If they want to watch the same kind of Indian script, people will prefer Indian dramas more. Directors and producers should look more into this stuff and have to keep up with their originality, or else there will be no difference in Indian or Pakistani dramas