What happened: On Wednesday, in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a man named Jerry Martin is operating the only known brick-and-mortar store where heroin, cocaine, meth, and MDMA are being sold.

Details: The Drugs Store is being operated illegally but professionally. British Columbia has progressive drug laws and selling drugs over there remains prohibited. Martin can get arrested however, he still opened the store because he wants to give people drugs that have been tested and are free from adulterants, VICE News reported.

What you need to know: His store will sell a maximum of 2.5 grams of each drug, and he will also be checking IDs to make sure that the customers are at least 18 or above. According to VICE, He also will make them sign a waiver indicating that they’ve previously used the drugs they’re purchasing. He is charging roughly street prices, with grams of cocaine and meth going for $90 and $50, respectively.⁠

Picture source: CBC


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