Accept it – we have all been pressurized by our families. Whether it’s about taking care of your “beauty”, career paths, or settling down with the person of our choice, many of us have seen our parents intervening in our personal matters and making things worse. Lekin personal kia hota hai? Ye toh ghar ki baat hai na? Especially in desi households, where one is expected to have the perfect job, perfect life partner, and kids by the age of 30. Everything should be done on time because “waqt kisi k liye nahi rukta!” 

We often hear them say: “Beta tumharay bhalay ki he baat hai.” Is that a tactic to just convince us to do it their way? There are various pressures parents tend to put on their kids. They often blackmail them into making their kids do what they want. And how they use “I gave birth to you” as an excuse for having things done their way. 

When it’s time for marriage or going abroad, parents often say “abhi itni bari aur mature nai hui ho!” Why are you marrying them off then? If the children are still “children” and they are not mature enough to make their own decisions, how do you expect them to deal with marriage?

Parents should be open-minded enough to understand their kids’ needs. Yes, you gave birth to us. But that doesn’t give parents a free card to just intervene in our lives and object to our decisions. Because at the end of the day, we all are individuals and we all have the right to be able to make decisions ourselves. 

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