Most of us want to get the perfect gift for our moms this Mother’s day. But finding it can be a pain sometimes. Therefore, we have found 5 stores in Lahore selling the best jewelry in Lahore.

  1. Tesoro

Probably one of the most prestigious and popular jewelry store in Lahore, Tesoro offers a wide range of affordable yet stunning jewelry.

2. Anzay

Anzay is your go to place for last minute jewelry shopping due to its unique and beautiful jewelry.

3. Jewels by Zaib

Looking for a budget-friendly gift option? Jewels by Zaib is the solution to your problem.

4. Sparklet

Sparklet is offering premium quality artificial jewelry with a wide range and exquisite designs.


Jewelry that is carefully curated handmade and selling for good prices, Selene has a lovely collection randing from rings to pendants and earrings.

Finding the perfect jewelry for someone can be a pain sometimes. But, these stores will definitely help you get something worth your time and money. Do let us know what you think.