Movies are the most basic form of entertainment. There are numerous streaming services nowadays offering premium packages of subscription to watch movies and tv shows. But most of these platforms do not have a wide selection of old, classic films that we want to watch.

Here are 5 websites where you can watch free hd movies.


Soap2day is a movies website offering a wide selection of movies in 4k quality, even the old ones!


Your one stop to watch high quality, hollywood classics.


Movies123 has a premium selection of all kinds of movies ranging from classic to new ones.


Covering a wide range of genres, Fmovies has almost everything for everyone.


From black and white, old age movies to Hollywood Classics like dead poets society or the green mile, Sflix has it all, that too in hd.

So, who needs subscription when you have access to any movie you can imagine. Check out these websites for a good movie experience.