The intense summer heat in Pakistan calls for a refreshing beverage that is light on the stomach yet cool on the body. Most of the drinks that we are producing locally are usually too sweet, whether you take juices, sodas or malt drinks.

Fuze tea, a brand acquired by the Coca Cola Company has recently come to Pakistan. It is is a unique fusion of tea extracts and fruit flavors, delivering a fresh, indulging & contemporary taste. Bringing a refreshing alternative within the beverage category, the tea extracts in Fuzetea come from 100% sustainably sourced tea leaves. It is available in Lemon and Peach flavors.

Now one might compare the product with the classic Nestea that we all drink in summers. But here’s the thing, I personally feel like Nestea is a little too concentrated in flavor as it is too sweet for my liking, which eventually causes more thirst. Fuze tea, on the other hand, has a more subtle flavor where you can actually taste the tea.

Their advertisement has been appreciated widely since they have picked up something that has been the talk of the town recently, Women Empowerment. They have shown women working in all kinds of places unapologetically and represented how diverse and talented our women are.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your closest store and beat the sun with Fuzetea.