A lot of us face the challenge of dealing with our parents daily and it can get tough. Dealing with parents and getting along with them is sometimes a harder task than climbing a mountain but that said it is imperative to deal with desi parents so what does dealing with desi parents like?

One issue that annoys me is that desi parents are unable to understand the dynamic changing world. A lot of societal and cultural values have changed over the years desi parents are just unable to even try to understand the changed world. There are two ways to tackle the situation, either you change their way of thinking or you make decisions according to your principles and values. Personally, what has always worked for me is that you make your decision depending on what seems right or wrong for you and then you try to explain the reasoning. It is sort of next to impossible to change someone’s way of thinking when they are 50+ years so don’t even try that!

Dusra masla hamareh parents kah hai is not giving privacy to their kids. Yes, they live with you lekin iss ka matlab yah nahi hai kai har baat aap ko pata ho! This issue arises especially in adults who are still figuring out their lives and are living with their parents due to mostly financial issues. One way to tackle the issue is that you sit down with them and decide on boundaries. It is not easy to discuss boundaries in a desi household but it is so important that our generation starts tackling these issues.

In no way, I am encouraging them to misbehave with your parents, all I am saying is that stand up for yourself, yes during the whole process your parents might get angry with you but over time they will just have to accept your decision and let the cycle of life resume again!


Suhaib is an International Relations student at Middlesex University in London. Currently, he working with Propergaanda as a News Writer intern. With a previous background as a researcher in 180 Degrees in Consultancy, Malaysia and other organisations Suhaib brings a unique perspective to his writing. In his free time, he volunteers for various causes, reads about diverse topics, and explores new cafes. Follow Suhaib on Twitter @suhaib_shaukat to stay up-to-date on social issues and a lot more!