PG Exclusive: We were contacted by an informer from Lahore who claimed that the police from the Anarkali police station had illegally arrested his family members to get information about another family relative whom they had very little contact with.
The informer said that the police had reportedly gotten a video in which another man was identified who was reportedly giving calls to come out and protest when Imran Khan was arrested. The informer who had contacted us said his father-in-law was related to the man who was wanted by the police for protesting. He stated that the police may have run his photo through the NADRA database and may have gotten his father-in-law’s address as he may not have updated his address there.

Details: The informer also said that the Police raided his father-in-Law’s house and arrested his brother-in-law and Uncle illegally and when they questioned the police about why their family members are being held, they answered that they wanted the man who was identified in the video and only then they would be released. He also said they told the police his address and the police also raided his house but no one was found there. Allegedly, the police were illegally holding his family members and demanding the man in the video, who went into hiding. Reportedly, no FIR was filed against the detained and they are being held illegally and no one was allowed to meet them. He also added that the family was very scared and had turned off all sorts of contact fearing their calls may be taped. After holding the detainees for about 2 days, they were released.

Author’s thoughts: In legal terms, this is known as Habeas Corpus it comes under Article 199. When the police illegally detain a person without a warrant or probable cause or when an Emergency is not imposed in the country. The people who had vandalized state and private properties in the name of protests should be apprehended and tried but no one should be deprived of their fundamental rights in the ‘democratic’ Islamic republic of Pakistan. I Urge all government and concerned officials to take notice of this sensitive matter and free the innocent and initiate judicial and departmental proceedings against the police officers for violating someone’s rights, politicians are busy fulfilling their political vengeance and are turning Pakistan into a Police state.

Note: PG in no way confirms the authenticity of this story.

PC: Express Tribune