The ticket holders and party leaders who are leaving the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf at such a time when Imran Khan and his party are under heavy fire, are they being forced or are they doing this by their free will and is it a blessing in disguise?

Recently it was visibly noted that the government and the establishment had initiated a crackdown against Imran Khan, his party, and his supporters. Imran Khan was arrested by paramilitary forces from Islamabad High Court, and the government arrested around 7 thousand PTI supporters across Pakistan. PTI party leaders were severely targeted, they were arrested under the Maintenance of public order act and against warrants that were never known of, and the crackdown was so strict that as soon as PTI leaders would get relief from the court, they would be arrested under another case.

Then, a new trend of PTI ticket holders returning their tickets started and key position holders and aides of Imran Khan also announce to leave the party simply citing the events of 9 May as an excuse. Here comes an important question, what were these ‘public representatives’ thinking when they left a party that was destined to make a majority government through fair elections the public didn’t care who their representative was, but just wanted Imran Khan as the Prime Minister and were ready to vote for PTI, meaning that a PTI ticket holder was destined to win. The answer to this question is very uncertain, maybe they were promised a better position, money, or other terms beneficial to their interests, or maybe they might have even been forced to make the move of quitting such a popular party. 

This may also be a blessing in disguise as Imran Khan is thought to be the leader of the people and he doesn’t have to rely on old-school politicians to form a government. He should get rid of all these old people who have been accused of any wrongdoing while in power in their previous term. Khan is such a leader that if he tells the public to vote for a certain someone, that candidate shall surely win. Seeing this possibility, Khan should bring in competent people to govern, who care for the people. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Pakistan and its people, as no such leader in the history of Pakistan had such a following, it is the time when Khan does something for the people and restores actual democracy in the country.

PC: Imran Khan