How deep can you dig into a person’s past? Clearly, Pakistanis (not only us, though) know how to. Recently Mia Khalifa, a famous former adult film star turned social media influencer, was invited to Oxford Union to deliver a speech.

The invitation to Mia Khalifa to deliver a speech has sparked a wave of criticism and mockery from various corners. Detractors argue that “Oxford would let anyone give a speech,” insinuating that her past as an adult film actress renders her unworthy of such an honour.

But where’s all the hate coming from?

Critics argue that her previous career inherently disqualifies her from being a speaker at a prestigious platform like the Oxford Union. This line of criticism often devolves into personal attacks, using derogatory language and creating derogatory memes to ridicule her.

Mia Khalifa(real name Sarah Shamoun) being invited to speak at Oxford is a slap in the face to all Muslim students. She sexualized the hijab, herself a staunch Arab Christian, knowing the repercussions it would have for real Muslim women. Why didn’t she sexualize a crucifix?

Twitter user

Such behavior not only undermines the potential for meaningful dialogue but also perpetuates negative stereotypes and objectifies her. But when we use the terms as “dehumanizing” and “promoting misogynistic pornography” even when they’ve completely moved on from that path of life, is it justifiable?

The controversy surrounding Mia Khalifa’s invitation raises important questions about society’s tendency to judge individuals solely based on their past actions. Critics often fail to consider the possibility of personal growth and transformation, disregarding the potential for individuals to learn from their mistakes and actively work towards positive change. By perpetuating snap judgments, society limits its capacity for empathy and understanding.

The Oxford Union, renowned for hosting illustrious personalities like Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, Elton John, Salman Rushdie, Morgan Freeman, and Mother Teresa, now adds Mia Khalifa to its impressive roster. Indeed, she finds herself in some excellent company.

However, Mia Khalifa couldn’t care less about the naysayers and their discontent, as she boldly declared on social media. One critic on her Instagram attempted to diminish the significance of her lecture, exclaiming,

You know the world is ending when Mia Khalifa is giving lectures to university students.

Mia Khalifa’s unabashed response showcases her resilience and refusal to let negativity dim her accomplishments. Undeterred, Mia responded with her signature wit, firing back, “They didn’t invite u, b*tch.