What happened: According to Manchester Evening News, on Wednesday, 17 May, ‘Proud Mancunian’ Yasmine Dar has become the city’s 125th Lord Mayor. She is the first Asian woman to hold the ceremonial role. The Labour representative for the Moston ward since 2014 was elected by fellow councilors.

Details: The new Lord Mayor said ’empowerment’ will be the theme of her year in office. She said: “I will always push for self-belief and self-empowerment, as well as standing up for peace, justice and human rights and equality for all.”

What you need to know: Yasmine Dar shared her journey in life and paid tribute to her parents while addressing the annual council meeting at the town hall as they were the ones who encouraged her to become involved in politics. Dar told her colleagues at the town hall meeting that her mother, who now has Alzheimer’s disease, would have been her ‘strongest ally’ had she been well.


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