In the vast realm of artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, a masterful sculptor whose passion and talent transcend the conventional boundaries of imagination. Meet Ali Fawad, a self-taught digital sculptor and teacher who possesses a rare gift for giving art a life of its own.

In a candid conversation with ProperGaanda, Ali mentions the start of his artistic journey by exploring digital art, driven by a strong desire to unleash his creativity and discover his full potential. He mentions, “I always questioned myself, “how it is done”? I don’t remember as to how many a times I have watched the movies like the old KING KONG and GODZILLA. The realistic visual deception had always thrilled me. To me, as a child, it was all so real.”

Ali works as a Senior Creature Artist at a well-known gaming studio in Australia. His artistic approach is inspired by the idea that nature presents us with various objects, shapes, and sights, just like the ever-changing patterns we see in a kaleidoscope. Like poet Wordsworth, he believes that even the smallest flower can evoke deep emotions. Ali’s curiosity and passion for understanding organic forms led him to become a certified scuba diver. Exploring the depths of the ocean introduced him to a whole new world of fascinating creatures, shapes, colours, and textures, which he diligently documents for his collection of inspiration.

With a discerning eye for form, shape, and silhouette, Ali Fawad has perfected the art of transforming virtual clay into extraordinary creatures and characters. His work harmoniously blends technical expertise with boundless imagination, creating ethereal sculptures that resonate deeply with viewers.

His unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and fashion designs that defy convention sets him apart. He explains, “My artwork approach relies upon four masters, What? Where? Why? And How Much? I call them the “Fantastic Four” It is these forces that help me invent forms, thus allowing me to give each artwork a different visual concept. So on the canvas, it may be conceptual sculpt but indepth, it’s a skillful intertwining of color, light, form, space, air etc.”

Beyond his undeniable talent as a sculptor, Ali Fawad derives immense satisfaction from sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to embark on their own artistic journeys. As a teacher, he imparts his wisdom and techniques to aspiring sculptors, nurturing a new generation of digital artists who will carry the torch of creativity forward.