In Pakistan, there is a clear class difference and it is crystal clear and visible on the streets. I don’t know if this feeling is common within our generation or if it’s just me. This feeling is connected to the concept of empathy and how too much of it can ruin your life.

The story starts around when I went out to have dinner in one of the fancy restaurants in Lahore. As any normal human, I was excited to visit the place and enjoy the weekend after a hectic week. Everything went all smooth and I enjoyed it completely but it was about to turn. While driving, I saw a couple on the road begging and that was when my heart sank and all the enjoyment that I had got vanished. The idea of me enjoying an expensive dinner, where on the other side people are begging for necessities did not seem right to me. There is this sudden feeling of sadness that you get when you see scenes like this in the city and then you start questioning that was your expensive meal worth it!

Being emphatic towards the less privileged is one of the noblest qualities that a human can possess and there is nothing wrong with it but with everything too much of something can be fatal and toxic for you. The issue with too much empathy is that it takes away the fun from life because the mind is in a constant battle of either enjoying or helping the needy, not to say that you should not help the less privileged but both things can happen simultaneously. Having too much empathy can sometimes lead to it being a curse and destroying your life. One should always prioritise self-care over anything else!

Always think about the plight of the less privileged in society and also help them out whenever possible but that should not mean that you are in this battle in your mind that you did not deserve that fancy bag or a meal!


Suhaib is an International Relations student at Middlesex University in London. Currently, he working with Propergaanda as a News Writer intern. With a previous background as a researcher in 180 Degrees in Consultancy, Malaysia and other organisations Suhaib brings a unique perspective to his writing. In his free time, he volunteers for various causes, reads about diverse topics, and explores new cafes. Follow Suhaib on Twitter @suhaib_shaukat to stay up-to-date on social issues and a lot more!