What happened: This mosque named Shikarpur’s Paani Wali Masjid is located in the middle of the Kirthar Canal. 100 years ago, in 1922, this mosque was on the ground. In 1922, from Sukkar Barrage, the work of draining canals started. This mosque was an obstacle to completing the canal project.

What you need to know: It was announced to martyr the mosque, a local religious scholar Taj Amruti suggested change in the course of the canal. When the matter was not resolved, Allama called for a protest and thousands of people gathered. At last, the collector issued a written order to establish the mosque at the same place. The Engineer of the project managed to pass Kirthar Canal around the mosque with such skill that the mosque remained intact and the Canal too. Juneja Mosque was known as Pani wali masjid, after coming to the center of the water. It is a small mosque to which a bridge has been constructed. Standing on six to seven pillars, this mosque amazes viewers even today.

Details. At least 10 persons and a prayer leader can offer prayers at a time in the mosque while the mosque also has electricity. But only lights are switched on for prayers during the nighttime the mosque is situated in the center of Kirthar Canal and has two windows on both of its sides and one main gate for entrance due to which fresh and cold air easily passes through.


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