Pakistan is once again on a ‘Nazuk mor,’ the government is busy taking revenge on its only political rival, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, using state machinery and resources to fulfill its vengeance. The government is doing petty politics, its ministers are all day long talking on TV channels without caring for the poor who are affected by their moves.

While I compose this caption, I feel I am filled with so many thoughts but all of them cant be written on a public forum.  The common man is dying, he does not have a bag of flour to fulfill his needs, and his children are dying while he stands in long lines of ‘government-subsidized atta’ in which many like him die fighting for a bag. The youth have become disheartened, I think some would even apply for a visa to Bangladesh, industries are shutting down as there are heavy duties and taxes imposed on their imports and the products they sell, and small businesses are also affected by the inflation, but the government keeps on increasing the ‘minimum wage,’ currently standing at 25,000 rupees, it may not look that much but for small business owners it is a huge amount.

While this all goes on, the US dollar also crossed the 300 rupee mark but the finance minister was nowhere to be seen, only his claims were heard,’ IMF ka staff level agreement chand dinon mein ho jayega,’ mister Minister,  Pakistan never saw the face of those 1 billion dollars that was supposed to come. Where Pakistan struggles with its finances, the government seems to be in its chill, recently there was news that the government may increase the salaries of civil servants by 50%. Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan is often heard saying, ‘hum ne kuch salon mein itna kha lia hai ke humari aane wali 3 naslain humara qarza wapis karainge.’ The post of a government official is so noble that it can change the fate of an entire country positively, I hope everyone will someday act maturely and sincerely to work for the people of Pakistan.