What happened: Reportedly, Winterland’s slogan was copied by the “Frozipk” in Lahore as they posted: “Cooling down Lahore, one Frozi at a time! Grab your icy delight and join the #LahoreMeinBaraf revolution. It’s not just weather, it’s a #Frozi fest!” They also added: “-10 degrees temperature in Summer? Frozi is the real reason behind chills in Lahore.”

What you need to know: Moreover, that Frozipk’s idea of promoting seems similar to the idea of Winterland. However, when team Propergaanda asked Winterland regarding this they state that: “We believe that imitation is the best form of flattery. We appreciate their creativity and wish them best of luck and success!”

Details: Frozipk also gave us a statement that “Please note that any boards which were advertised in Lahore were NON-BRANDED and there was no copyrighted or trademarked logo / color / text on them. Nor could anyone tell even if they’re branded. Most people thought they were actually from official authority. We however took a fun take only on something which was completely non-branded. We on the other hand clearly told audience that the visuals we are posting are from us but putting our logo on them.”

What’s your take on this?


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