Gone are the days when Clifton and Defence were the only places in Karachi to get good food. In recent years, Tipu Sultan Road has become a bustling hub of eateries that rivals its posh neighbors – and there’s no shortage of quality dining spots to choose from! From Dunkin Donuts which occupies a bigger building than it used to, to popular cafes like Bella Vita, Cocochan, Meat The Cheese and Chop Chop Wok, there’s something for everyone here. It’s especially convenient for those in the area as many can walk or drive a short distance to get their fill. 

Not to mention Xander’s, the beloved café whose roots lie in Tauheed Commercial and Bukhari Commercial in Defence. Its arrival at Tipu Sultan has seen more casual restaurants pop up around it, attracting high income foodies that may have not ventured outside of DHA before. One of these is Cocochan, an acclaimed fine- dining Chinese- Thai cuisine restaurant that attracts plenty of visitors every day. The sheer amount of schools, colleges and workplaces nearby make this place even more enticing for restaurateurs, adding another reason why Tipu Sultan looks so attractive.

The bustling street of Karachi is lined with acclaimed companies, such as Alpha College, The City School, Bosch, Interflow, and Ogilvy and Mather. These businesses are now set to be complemented by the arrival of new restaurants that will undoubtedly prove popular among students and employees looking for a delicious place to eat after classes or work shifts.

The restaurant scene in Karachi is undergoing a revolution – no longer are foodies restricted to the confines of Clifton and Defence for their upscale dining options. The trend that began with eateries popping up around other parts of the city has now reached full pace, offering tantalizing cuisine from all corners of the metropolis. This culinary renaissance means it’s never been easier or more exciting to find deliciousness without travelling too far!