What happened: Reportedly, Facebook owner Meta has been given a record around €1.2 billion fine for breaching European Union privacy rules.
Details: As per Vice News, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said that Meta had violated General Data Protection Regulation when it moved European Facebook users’ data to the US. The fine is the biggest ever passed out for a GDPR breach.

What you need to know: Moreover, the ruling relates to the way in which personal data is transferred. Vice News also reported that these types of companies like Facebook have used a legal mechanism called standard contractual clauses that are made to protect data when it’s moved outside of the EU.

Further: However, a European Court of Justice ruling said that there were concerns about how effective the SCCs were in preventing surveillance by intelligence agencies in the US, where privacy law is more powerless. Meta also said that it would appeal what it called an “unjustified and unnecessary” ruling.

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