What happened: Maleesha Kharwa is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in Dharavi, a suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This young girl has become the face of the luxury beauty brand ‘Forest Essentials’ the Yuvati collection.

Details: Maleeha was discovered in 2020 by a Hollywood actor named Robert Hoffman who was shooting a music video in Mumbai. Hoffman soon made an Instagram account and set up a GoFundMe page for Kharwa. Today, Kharwa’s Instagram account has over 2.5 lakh followers. Kharwa’s gorgeous looks and alluring personality has earned her multiple modeling gigs and opportunities, the latest one being with Forest Essentials.

What you need to know: We have been seeing lots of reported nepotism in India as actors with strong family backgrounds and the star kids always got their way quite easily in Bollywood and the other actors have to struggle a lot more than the star kids. However, it is nice to see a change after a while as creativity, talent, and charm should win, always.


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