What happened: The people of Singapore love their community cats, but one lady took it to the next level. She created a decorated cardboard home for the cats.

Details: According to Vice Asia, she started this project in 2021 and has created over 50 cat houses. She was concerned that the usual cardboard boxes would be mixed up with trash and get thrown away. Also, she had an idea to decorate the cat houses to make them look like actual houses. She usually places these cardboard homes on the ground floor of residential flats, giving community cats a cozy hideout from the elements. ⁠

What you need to know: As Vice Asia reported, her name is Janet Chin and it has become a fun and addictive hobby for her which is, tapping into her creativity to explore different novel designs. She uses a variety of materials to make the cat houses from scratch, from colored or patterned paper to felt. One of her most recent creations was inspired by a photo booth that even has a mirror on it. ⁠

Picture source: Vice


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