A lemon tart is a delicious dessert consisting of a sweet pastry crust filled with a tangy lemon custard or curd. It is a popular dessert enjoyed in many parts of the world. Here are 7 local businesses in Lahore making the best and freshest lemon tart of your dreams.

  1. Vanilla by Hafsa

One of the most popular places in Lahore these days, Hafsa Zulfiqar is acing at her job by treating us with delicious desserts especially their fresh lemon tart made daily.

Price: PKR 300

2. Go Flour

Go Flour has the biggest and the tangiest lemon tart of all. Their crust is simply to die for.

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3. The Cakery

Located in DHA Lahore, the Cakery specializes in a number of desserts and breakfast menu options. However, their lemon tart is an all time favourite.

Price: PKR 250

4. Pink Pistachio

Lahore’s popular and most instaworthy cafe, Pink Pistachio is a bakery and delicatessen offering a wide range of desserts. Their lemon tart is simple yet complex in flavor and texture.

Price: PKR 470

5. Baked

Baked has a menu full of delicious and home made surprises waiting for you in shelves. Their lemon tarts are made fresh daily with premium quality mayer lemons.

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6. Amavi Patisserie

Amavi Patisserie is widely popular restaurant/cafe that also has an extensive patisserie menu. The make tarts of all sorts from kiwi, peach, mango, cherry and so on. However, the best one on the menu is surely the Lemon tart.

Price: PKR 475

7. Kitchen Cuisine

Kitchen Cuisine has been our love since childhood. Their cakes and pastries are simply immaculate, including the most freshest of all Lemon Tart.

Price: PKR 160

So grab a fresh piece of Lemon tart now and make your life easy peazy, lemon squeezy!