The approach of Eid ul Adha has us yearning for fabulous yet affordable suits. But gone are the days when luxury designer labels used to trickle down into more accessible price points, and masses of people would queue up before dawn outside exhibition halls—each hoping to snag a stunning suit that was within their budget.

The market has seen a distinct shift in the last few years with many designers and manufacturers struggling to keep prices competitive. Rising costs of materials have left customers feeling the pinch when it comes to buying expensive unstitched fabric suits. But is an extravagant suit worth the expense? Can the masses still afford to indulge in these luxurious fabrics despite battling inflation? 

It seems like the trend may be turning towards the more affordable options – but this hasn’t stopped some die-hard fashionistas from shelling out top dollar for their dream ensembles. Move beyond the realms of high-end designer stores and you may find embellished mediocre quality formal-wear at about the same price allowing fashionistas everywhere to tailor their look without compromising on style or savings. Pakistan’s national love affair with eid clothes remains strong as ever – with loyalists scouring the market for anything that will give them that perfect finish.

So if you’re looking for something chic that won’t break the bank take a look around – there are always new trends to discover!